Here, you can explore and purchase Nerys Howell’s celebrated books. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, Nerys’s insightful guides, delicious recipes of local food and drink, and expert tips will inspire you to elevate your culinary creations. Dive into the rich world of Welsh cuisine and beyond, all crafted with the passion and expertise that Nerys is known for. 

Harvest (2024)
Welsh food by season (2021)
Wales on a plate (2011)


Harvest – Recipes from the Garden is a beautiful bilingual book, full of mouth-watering recipes and photographs.

This book is a natural progression from her second book Welsh Food by Season, which was about eating locally and seasonally. Nothing is more local, more seasonal or more sustainable than using what we grow, which is the central message of Harvest.

Harvest includes recipes that use parts of the plants usually discarded, such as the Carrot top pesto. The book also contains tips on how to start gardening, how to harvest and store, how to reduce waste, and a calendar showing what fruit and vegetables are in season when. The book is divided into five sections – Alliums, Brassicas – leaves; Root vegetables and pumpkins, Summer vegetables and Fruit with an introduction at the beginning of each chapter.

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Welsh Food by Season

The book is a celebration of local, sustainable Welsh produce and aims to encourage people to eat seasonally.

Beautiful bilingual cookery book full of traditional and modern recipes created by food expert Nerys Howell – a well-known face on S4C. As well as creating mouth-watering recipes Nerys selects the best of Welsh and seasonal food. Full of colour photos.

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This brand new bilingual cook book arrived in the post today and it’s made me want to get into the kitchen and start cooking. Wonderful flavours, uncomplicated recipes, beautiful seasonal food. A treasure.

Sian Lloyd

TV presenter, travel and food writer

Wales on a plate

Wales on a Plate brings to life the traditions, lifestyles and cooking of Wales.

Authentic classic Welsh dishes are combined with Nerys Howell’s exciting contemporary recipes based on Welsh produce. This celebration of Welsh home cooking starts with the produce -meat from mountain and coastal pastures, flour from traditional mills, fish and seafood from free-flowing rivers and coastal bays, farmhouse cheeses and orchard fruits. Shortlisted for the Gourmand International World Cookbook Awards 2010.

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